Container Inspections

Another service in TURCON’s service portfolio are Container Inspection and Survey services. We offer this container inspection service for both our own fleet as well as 3rd party containers.

Easy & Convenient

All containers we sell or rent have been thoroughly examined by our own staff, according to the sales or rental standard that is required for each specific booking .If for any reason you would want an objective second opinion, TURCON can cater to your needs.

Safe & Secure

All inspections we arrange for you are carried out by reliable external partners in order to avoid conflicting interests. If you want to make sure the containers you buy from us (or even from a third party) are in a perfect condition, we can arrange the appropriate container inspection for you.The partners we use for all container inspections use qualified IICL inspectors for all inspections.


Special Services

The company’s container trading business is developing very fast. We have a group of ethical specialists who take customer’s benefit as their own benefit and are skillful in each process of container trading.