Oneway Movement – Shipping Lines

TURCON also offers the one-way rental option, which basically allows you to pick-up a container in location “A” and return it in location “B” against a fixed cost amount.

Easy & Convenient
  • No need to buy a container and be left with the head-ache to find a reliable buyer at your destination Port.
  • You can deliver the container to the shipping line as Shipper Owned control as opposed to using a container provided by the shipping line. In many cases you will get a SOC reduction on the
Safe & Secure
  • No detention charges exposure.
  • You only need to return the container at the destination port to our designated site.

Special Services

The company’s container trading business is developing very fast. We have a group of ethical specialists who take customer’s benefit as their own benefit and are skillful in each process of container trading.