Maritime rental of containers to shipping lines

TURCON operates a fleet of brand new/Used containers exclusively reserved for rental. Typically, we rent to both private persons and industrial customers who are looking for temporary additional mobile storage solutions:

Easy & Convenient

People moving to a new home and needing temporary storage for their furniture and other belongings. Warehouses  covering peak periods with the rental of containers to address a temporary storage capacity proble. Supermarkets  and cold storage warehouses  needing temporary surplus cold storage capacity through the rental of reefer containers.

Safe & Secure

Rental periods can be short or long term and may vary from a minimum of 1 month to any desired length of time.The longer the time commitment,  the lower the daily rental rate.

Special Services

The company’s container trading business is developing very fast. We have a group of ethical specialists who take customer’s benefit as their own benefit and are skillful in each process of container trading.