40ft High Cube Reefer Container

Surpassing the maximum payload is often not the issue with the transport or storage of perishable products, but capacity is. The 40ft high cube reefer container is the reefer container in our assortment with the largest capacity. Mostly it is equipped with Carrier or Thermo King machinery.


  • Maximum capacity for transport or storage of perishable products
  • Mostly Carrier or Thermo King equipment
  • T-Floor

40ft reefer container, with high strength, good looking, and easy to repair, is suitable for maintain, road and rail transportation. 

40ft Reefer Container

20ft Reefer Container

In some locations there is no power supply for the engine of a standard reefer container. In these cases a 20ft reefer container (diesel electric) can be a solution. Inside the framework of the container is not only the reefer engine, but also a diesel powered generator. Furthermore, the specifications are similar to the standard 20ft reefer container.


  • Diesel powered generator inside frame
  • T-Floor
  • Cooling range from – 25°C to + 25°C